LCK Finals Spring 2021

The LCK Spring season comes to the end on Saturday when DWG (-360) takes on Gen.g (+255) in the finals. Bookmakers have given the best of 5 series a 1.5 map spread in favor of DWG. The dominant DWG have also recieved a nearly even odd split against Gen.g for first blood and it is our pick of the event. You can watch the event live in English on Twitch Saturday at 0100 PST. Follow us on twitter to get our reactions and catch our parlays. For a full odds sheet with individual game odds, spreads, alternate lines, etc, please see below.

Click here to download the spreadsheet for the LCK Finals. To place a bet, check out our recommended bookie and receive bonuses when you sign up using our link! Be sure to check us out on twitter @betWASD to see additional odds and parlays.

By Chris